In order to provide total solution to customer. We have to ensure that customer infrastructure includes the necessary components that can realize all functionality and added to this have ample scope for scaling and secure the infrastructure as and when the user population increases. Therefore, we have to add potential product to serve customer with best suite to their environment.

Our Value Proposition

Our service principle is to maximize our people’s technical skill sand utilize the best suitable technology for maximum profits of our clients. Our services go borderless as we serve both local and overseas clients.

Our clients can therefore select our services according to their needs as :

Full service implementation: Covers all it takes to implement on IT project based on the requirements of such project including consulting, design, hardware and software requirement, installation and configuration, maintenance and support.

Sub-Contract: covers part of the project only where additional resources and skills required to delivering the total project. Additional skilled resources needed to fulfill specific tasks at any length of time on/off site both local and overseas. Charges based on times and materials.

Outsourcing Maintenance and Support: covers user support and administrative support at customization agreement plans.